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Memoir 13 Wednesday, 08/09/17
The Journal of Northwest Anthropology has released Memoir 13, 50 Years of Northwest Anthropology, A Content Analysis and Guide to the Journal of Northwest Anthropology. In addition to summaries of published content, journal history, authors and institutional affiliations, and research themes, the Memoir includes a fully searchable DVD containing all 50 volumes of Northwest Anthropological Research Notes (1967 to 2001), the Journal of Northwest Anthropology (2002 to 2016), and Memoirs 1 to 7. Using the Adobe PDF search function, researchers can quickly search the collection, which also includes all abstracts from the Northwest Anthropological Conferences (1968 to 2015), to find any places where individuals, site numbers, rivers, artifact types, tribes, theoretical concepts, methods, etc., were mentioned. Available from Amazon.com, $34.95, or with 2018 subscription.
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